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Broeks Eltes

Broeks Eltes

Bolton Else

Broeks Elsie 2 NL 359507780 D.O.B.: 21-6-2009

Genomic Index USDA:

USA 12/08 +1435M +0.11%F +0.02%P +81F +48P GTPI +2153
USA 12/08 PTAT +3.38 / UDC +2.95 / FLC +2.18


2.00 305d 8688kgM 4.31%F 374kgF 3.55%P 308kgP 

Last test: 32.8 kg M 4.31%F 3.54%P 120+

Sire: Velvet-View-KJ Socrates
Dam: Broeks Bolton Else VG-86

2.00 305d 11.718kgM 3.52%F 412kgF 3.43%P 395kgP 

Superstack Socrates x Bolton x O Man!
Broeks Bolton Else is international heavily  contracted!
The family belongs to the Genomic World top.
Grand dam is the great cow Broeks Elsa EX-90!
Broeks Bolton Else increased in her American Genomic index!
Broeks Bolton Else was the covergirl on the Hotspots Autumn 2009 edition!
Bolton Else scored 153+ lactationvalue on her farm!
Eltes is one of the highest Socrates-daughter of the world!


MGS: Sandy Valley Bolton
MGD: Broeks Elsie 2 VG-86

2.01 305d 12.198kgM 4.54%F 554kgF 3.38%P 412kgP 

International bull dam
Very successful tested on Genomic Markers by CRV
Offspring scoring very high for genomics!



MGGS: O-Bee Manfred Justice
MGGD: Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90 EX-92-MS
2.04 305d 10.935kgM 4.7%F 509kgF 3.4%P 374kgP 
        438d 15.135kgM 4.7%F 717kgF 3.6%P 537kgP
5.00 305d 12.620kgM 4.2%F 536kgF 3.2%P 401kgP 

Mega bull mother
16 milking daughters: 15 are VG 2yr.!



MGGGS: Mara-Thon BW Marshall
MGGGD: Ever-Green-View Elsa VG-89 1st La. GMD DOM

2.06 365d 21.265kgM 4.4%F 938kgF 3.5%P 738kgP 

1st WI & 2nd National Fat
1st WI & 3rd National Protein
10 VG daughters in the USA!

MGGGGS: Dixie Lee Aaron
MGGGGD: Ever-Green-View Elsie EX-92 GMD DOM

2.02 365d 17.019kgM 4.1%F 701kgF 3.6%P 616kgP
4.09 365d 23.850kgM 4.4%F 1049kgF 3.5%P 829kgP 

4th National Fat & 5th National Protein
Nominated Queen of the Breed II

MGGGGGS: Emprise Bell Elton

2.01 365d 17.318kgM 3.8%F 663kgF 3.2%P 550kgP
4.00 365d 22.807kgM 3.7%F 850kgF 3.1%P 715kgP

Socrates x VG-86 Bolton x VG-86 O man x EX-90 BW Marshall x VG-89 Aaron x EX-92 Bell Elton x EX-90 Melvin Grant x EX-91 Winken

-Very interesting heifer!
-Great, broad and tall built
-She is genomics tested and Nr. 1 GPA LPI!!

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