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Now available Police

Now available Vekis Police! He is an early son of Main Event x RR Poly. She is the famous Stol Joc daughter of RR Polly VG-89. With a current production list of 1454 days  49.099 Kg Milk 3.53& Fat and 3.52 Protein
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The successful edition of 2014 will be continued, Vekis Genetics and Eurogenes will organize together the 2nd Vekis Spring Sale, which will take place on Friday, the 18th of March 2016. This sale will offer the very best out of the breeding program of Vekis Genetics and of the international Eurogenes member group! An international elite sale in combination with progeny group presentations of the top bulls of AI Total and Vekis Genetics, a top class event to write directly in your diary! Check further for more info and first consignments!

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Very successful Vekis Spring Sale

The 1st Vekis Spring Sale, held last Friday March the 28th in Nunspeet (The Netherlands) have been a great and very successful event. Around 1000 visitors from all over the World travelled to Nunspeet to see the progeny groups and visit the sale.

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Check www.vekisspringsale for our update`s!

Check every day the auction site for any update

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VEKIS SPRING SALE Website online

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The greatest sale in 2014! Vekis Spring Sale!

Vekis Genetics and Eurogenes are organzing a Genetic Elite Sale in the upcoming spring, called the Vekis Spring Sale. The Sale will held on the 28th of March 2014. Interesting top animals are selling in different price ranges and age categories. The consignments will come from Vekis Genetics and other Eurogenes-members. Also there will be exhibition booths from different companies and progeny group presentations from bulls of AI Total and Vekis Genetics.
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Vekis Larona +154 GRZG sold on the Vost Select!

Check it out! Vekis Larona sold in the VOST SELECT SALE! Vekis Larona is sold with a lot of embryocontracts! She has a very complete genomicindex en scored very much of milk!
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#1 OUTCROSS of Europe for sale!

Great opportunity from the Elsa cow family! She is the # 1 Outcross Massey-daugther in Europe!
DG:  6 x € 700 | DG for client:  6 x € 600 | Holstein Select: 5 x € 600 | DG:  6 x € 500 | Semex: 5 x EUR 600 *
Total embryo contract value: € 16.800

* Diamond Genetics | Prices for bulls that qualify: up to € 200.000 (depending on Genomic Level)
* Semex

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New donors classified!

We had the inspector to visit again. With an average of 84.6, we are very satisfied. Especially when you consider that there are quite a number of very fresh heifers were at.
Last week Alger Meekma  been to 14 animals to put on the picture. Here we have already put some picture of the site. The rest comes later. Keep an eye on our website!

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Great trip to the USA!

We had a wonderful trip through the U.S. with Eurogenes! We visit famous farmers o.a. King-Ransom, Clear-Echo, Welkom Stock, Coyne-Farms en Tiger-Lily. We flew to Chicago to see even more famous cows in the states Wisconcin, Minnesota and Illinois. We visit there Larcrest, Regancrest, De-Su, Bremer, Ocean-View and many more!
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On the Vente Drakkar we reinvested in topgenetica!
Since we already had very good experience with the cow family of Flevo Genetics Snowman (Broeks Bolton Else and Vekis Ever) it was not difficult for our choice to offer a Snowman-daugter)
Ven Dairy Lidia 4 is a very best Snowman daughter of Italian Betaiola family!

  We are also co-owners become its highest descendant; DG Lizzy +2456 GTPI.

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A dream come true!

A dream has come true!

Vekis Phantastic VG-87 for Vekis Genetics cow in 2013!

She has everything:

- World level genomics
- Skyhigh for milk; 45 kg M/day
- VG-87 and selected for the CRV COW EXPO

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Vekis Red Seven P sold by K&L to Germany

By K & L we sold Vekis Red Seven Pp to the German AI TopQ! With a gRZG of +136 Red Seven Pp scored well above the expected value. For the red & white lovers this is good news! From this cow familythere are hardly no bulls used for breeding red and white!
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#1 Fat&Protein-heifer aviable for you!

Whit an American Fat+Protein index is Vekis Ever the #1 in Europe!
Se is sold on the Eurogenes Summer Sale!
She is skyhigh for production index, in combination with her great type (+17 in Canada) makes her the #8 GLPI heifer in Europe with DGV LPI +3499! She goes back on the Mondial Cow of the Year, Broeks BWM Elsa EX-90-NL, dam to SNOWMAN!

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Beautiful picture of Vekis Cameron Lani!

Op de komende Eurogenes Summer Sale bied Vekis Genetics 3 topdieren aan. Vandaag kregen we de foto terug van Vekis Cameron Lani! Dit prachtige kalf heeft naast een +3.19 GPTAT ook een zeer fraai eigen exterieur! Geniet van de foto!
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Snapshots Xacobeo Phantastic

Yesterday some snapshots made ​​of Vekis Phantastic. (Vekis Phantastic is a Mario Xacobeo x RR Polly VG-86 (Stol Joc) x Laudan x Durham x Formation x Starbuck x Saber Pansy EX-95!

At Vekis Genetics never `n best heifer milked before! She has recently been inspected by Semex, there were also very impressed.


·         She currently gives 40 kg per day

·         June 22 she will bangs on the CRV Cow Expo Show!

·         From Phantastic as pink 30 embryo `s exported to Japan including

·         From her first calves are beautiful Bookem and Numero Uno daughters including Vekis Pansy with GTPI +2418! 12/12 and Vekis Philomena with +2238 GTPI.

·         She is now in a weekly Ovum pick up/ in vitro production-program, but soon she is available for embryo `s!


Enjoy the attached photos.

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Vekis Genetics zoekt ontvangsterbedrijven

Wij zijn met spoed op zoek naar veehouders die koeien of pinken hebben waar we embryo`s kunnen inzetten om vervolgens de levend geboren en gezonde kalveren tegen een hoge vergoeding weer op te halen. Kosten voor implanteren en eventuele hormoonbehandeling zijn voor rekening van Vekis Genetics. Embryo`s worden ingezet door de specialisten van ETS-Holland en CRV.
Momenteel spoelen we o.a. Vekis Xaco Melody en in het OPU/IVP-programma zitten momenteel Vekis Phantastic en NH Dertour Indian Summer Pp.

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Vekis Genetics with 3 animals to Eurogenes Summer Sale

On 25 May, we hope to offer the Eurogenes Summer Sale! 3 top animals
This auction is organized by Eurogenes and there are only animals sold Eurogenes members. So there become the # 1 RZG polled, # 1 and # 2 Outcross and more interesting calves sold. Keep an eye on our website or visit our Facebook page regularly to see which animals will Vekis Genetics to offer. To get a sneak preview to highlight ... We sell Vekis Cameron Lani ....

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Terbeek Bogart Glenda 9763 has calved and looks promising! She has a superb type, has a super best udder and good legs. Her first Epic-bull with 155 gRZG been sold through K&L to a German AI!
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Vekis Chevrolet is photographed! From the # 1 Freddie-son we have different combination of embryo `s` s available. Call us for more information.

Vekis Chevrolet is also analyzed for aAa and got the code 342156.

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Vekis Elena sold on the Eurogenes Heifer Sale next week!

Vekis Elena is photographed and is sold on the next Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale from 13 t / m 29 March.
Vekis Elena is the only en very early Numero Uno-daugther from Broeks Eltes VG-85
She has a very complete genomic index and is a very beautiful calf
Check for more information!

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Vekis Ever #1 GLPI and GTPI O-Cosmopolitan worldwide!

Vekis Ever is with +3610 DGV LPI the #1 O-Cosmopolitan-daughter worldwide! On Facebook, we report a few weeks ago that we are eagerly awaiting the results of the 3-O-Cosmopolitan-daugthers of Vekis Niagra Elnia. Now the time had come and we are more than satisfied!
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Vekis Maric photographed!

We have recently presented the picture of Vekis Xaco Melody VG-85! Now her beautiful daughter's turn!
This white calf has much capacity and combines power with show! This calf is the only Epic-daughter from Melody! Also she has a complete genomic index!

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Melody calved and photographed

Vekis Xaco Melody has a busy week behind! She is scored, photographed en flushed!
She scored VG-85 and is with +2116 GTPI the #2 Xacobeo worldwide!
Vekis Xaco Melody is heavily contracted for embryo`s wordwide,there were over 30 embryo `s sold as heifer.

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#1 RZG Polled purchased

Topseller in the Eurogenes Online Heifer Sale was NH Indian Summer Red *PO, which is the #1 RZG POLLED heifer in the breed for the German RZG index, with gRZG +145! This beautiful heifer sold for € 39.000 and goes to the barns of Vekis Genetics in Nunspeet (NL), which purchased her in combined ownership with Diamond Genetics.
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We have recently topbull sold again! Vekis Chevrolet we bought as an embryo is the #1 Freddie-son worldwide! With +2490 GTPI is the #6 available genomics bull worldwide!
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Vekis Paige en Vekis Philomena scoren!

Vekis Paige is with +2418 GTPI the # 13 calf of Europe! Her sister Vekis Philomena is with +2258 GTPI the # 2 Outcross calf of Europe! Both animals come from the popular Vekis Phantastic.
Vekis Phantastic hopes to calve in February of Parma Pp, she looks very promising!

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Top resuls Holland Master Sale 2012

For Vekis Genetics is the season to harvest also started!!
We sold in April on the Eurogenes Sale Vekis Zandra (v: Gerard) to Martin Rubesam. On June 14 Vekis Elsa (v: Altaiota) on the Genetic Elite Sale in Bristol to Longmoor Farm. Before we knew it was the Holland Masters Sale also already a fact! We look back on a very successful Holland Master Sale! Vekis Sudan Mellow (2299 GTPI, GRZG 153) was sold to Nosbisch Holsteins in Germany! Also Vekis Zan (v: Gerard) and Vekis Elegance (v: Wind Brook) are sold for good prices and are true fans arrived! We congratulate the new owners and wish them luck with their purchase!

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Crime Time: Semen Available!

Vekis Genetics heeft met Crime Time wel een heel bijzondere stier in het assortiment!
Deze donker rode Jerudo-zoon komt uit een koefamilie die over 5 generatie`s koeien een gemiddelde tussenkalftijd laat zien van precies 365 dagen! Maar dit is zeker niet het enige bijzondere aan deze krachtpatser! Moeder Carolien 3861 maakt momenteel haar 4e lijst: 305 dgn 10.247 kg M 4.69% vet4.19% eiwit!.
Als kers op de taart heeft Crime Time een veelgevraagde en broodnodige aAa-code van 564!

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Vekis Phantastic performs fantastic!

Xacobeo-daugther Vekis Phantastic performs fantastic!
Her embryo`s going around the world! 
This week exported embryo`s to Japan! In country`s such as Canada, Germany en the USA ar all Bookem and Numero Uno-embryo`s sold!

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Rieten Snowman Roza sold for 19000,- (US$ 25.208,-)

Topping the sale at €41,000 (US$54,412) was Lakeside Snowman Paya (GTPI +2396 PTAT +3.06) consigned by Dutch breeders Andre and Willeke van Vliet. Sired by the #1 TPI bull Flevo Genetics Snowman, and from the Golden Oaks Mark Prudence family, this calf typified a complete package: High genomics, great type and a world class pedigree. Loaded with bull and embryo contracts, she attracted fierce bidding before the hammer finally fell to Ponderosa Holsteins, Spain.
IMG 8245
Lakeside Snowman Paya in the ring.

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Movie Vekis Elnia GPTI+2052

One of the greatest pedigrees for sale right now out of the heart of SNOWMAN`S cow family! 
Vekis Elnia is the only Niagra dtr of Else and one of the highest PTAT Niagra dtrs in the breed with a high ranking for GLPI& GTPI!

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The auction at Drakkar Holsteins was a huge success for us

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Rieten Romantic available at Vekis Genetics! Outcross!

Vekis Genetics has semen available from their newest topbull, Rieten Romantic. Romantic combines a great oucross pedigree (goes back on the great IJsselvliedt Roza cow family) with a high Genomic index of GTPI +2094!

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O Man Touran in the picture again

Lately we took new photographs of the VVH O Man Touran cv. The O Man-son from the famous Terbeek Durham Tina EX-90! The Touran itself is a long, strongly built bull with strong legs.

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Only the best of the is best at Vekis Genetics

We are constantly looking for genetics note that we can be successful.
Simple genetics will never occur in out range. We present you a new cowfamily that we have not priviously worked with it: The IJsselvliedt Roza`s!

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# 1 GTPI Bogart Terbeek Glenda 9763 by Tulip Sale to Vekis Genetics!

There is no cow in the world with the VG-88 Shottle-daughter Terbeek Glenda 7340 Frans-Jan ter Beek can match!
Especially when it comes to breeding offspring with high genomics!

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Vekis Xaco Melody #1 Xacobeo worldwide!!

What a news! Yesterday it was announced that Melody is the new No. 1 Xacobeo worldwide!!
It's wait and see on the official results from America. But the following figures, we can already mention:
USA 1327 M 29F 49P 3.02 GPTAT en 2211 GTPI
CA    1665 M 40F 65P Con+12 MS+11 F&L +10 SCS 2.68 DPR 102

Are you interested in embryo `s? Be quick...

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Rieten Roumare Roza VG-87 very high genomic-test!

From Roumare Roza VG-87 tonight we have the genomic results from America! She belongs with her O Man, Shottle and Goldwyn free bloodline to the highest in genomics tested bull-mothers in the world! She grew up almost 300 points GTPI!
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We look back on a very successful Open Day!

We can look back on a very successful Open Day. A small 1000 visitors, a group very best daughter and very impressive bull mothers were major positive response `s
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VVH O Man Touran comes through with very high numbers!

We knew that a special pedigree Touran know, the farmers who Touran daughters milking very, very satisfied .. But it `s best breeding we would not have dared to dream! With a NVI of 146+ is the # 7 Touran Oman-son in the Netherlands for at least 107 total ext!
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Open days Vekis Genetics

On Friday, April 9th, we hope to organize an Open Day with fam van Engelen in Nunspeet. You are welcome from 12:00 hours to 22:00 hours the Vreeweg 107 in Nunspeet. 
What's going to see?

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The Elsa-family leave again making themselves heard!

In America is Ever-Green-View My 1326 (v.Morty) the new record holder of milk production.
The Morty-daughter produced 32.736 kg M in 365 days with 3.86%F and 3.12%P
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Rieten Roumare Roza classified VG-87!

The very fresh Roumare Roza is classified VG-87!
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